Weirdo Wednesday – May 18, 2011

I’ve been totally weirded out in my quest for the weirdest of the weird. What’s weird is I just used weird three times in the same sentence and it doesn’t suck that bad even though it goes against everything I learned in good writing school.

But enough about me and my weird writing skills. You didn’t drop in for my sake. You showed up for the weirdness. I’m happy to oblige.

Remember a couple of Weird Wednesdays ago I took you to a place called, For 5$ they would design you a logo for your business or anything else you wanted a really sucky logo for. This week I’m going to take you to their sister site,, where for 10$ they will put together the worst jingle money can buy… and as they say, “Guaranteed to Suck!”

The owners use as their host for the Jingle audio. I was especially enamored with the jingle – Sequence. It sounds like they brought in Sesame Street’s Cookie Monster.  Not a bad deal. For 10$ you can get a celebrity voice-over.

Our next stop is almost too weird. Talk about a niche website… MRIs of Food.

I don’t know how much an MRI machine costs but I’m sure it’s several million dollars. I have a good suspicion whoever forked over that tidy sum would not be happy to see the operators using it to scan okra. Here’s a site that shows you food as an MRI.

I will say I found the bell pepper scan to be somewhat hypnotic. It reminds me of a 60’s light show. You could probably put these to good use at a Pink Floyd laser light show – “Welcome….. to the machine….”

Our last weird stop this week is an odd little place called Just when you thought it was safe to reach into the hamster cage, the little bundle of furry fun goes for the eyes.

In the course of researching this weird site, I was lead to this movie. If you like B-grade horror this one might be right up your alley – Night of the Hell Hamsters!

I doubt it can live up to the rodent expectations set by our old furry friend, Ben or any number of mousey movies to come along, but it sure does look bloody.

So there you have it, three extraordinarily weird place on the WWW – Weird Wide Web. Seeya next week: same weird time – same weird channel.

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