Weirdo Wednesday – May 25, 2011

This month I’ve taken you to a few stops along the Weird Wide Web. Did you get your sucky jingle? Did you get some good safety tips to protect yourself from attacking hamsters? Maybe you figured out why you hate clowns. There are some corners of the web that absolutely redefine the word — niche.

To wrap up this month’s excursion among weird sites I thought I would just take you to some places that specialize in the weird, the bizzare and just plain-vanilla strange. I’m talking about sites that promote the weirdest the web has to offer.

A trip to weirdsville is not complete without a stop at Web Weirdness. I have a soft spot in my heart for any website that categorizes weird places to the extent these folks do. Even better… you can vote on the weirdest of the weird. This is a place where being oddly strange is not frowned upon. In many ways it’s even encouraged and embraced as an¬†embodiment of a weird way of life.

For the sick, bizzare and strangest places on the web, be sure to check out their Top 50 most popular weird sites.

Along the cyberpathway I stumbled upon (not to be confused with a place called They say they are known far and wide as THE place for weird stuff. Considering the places I’ve stopped by the past month where good taste and minor revulsion would not allow me to use as a weird destination, calling yourself THE place for weird would be like Trump saying he is THE king of all comb-overs.

Our final weird stop of the month is a place that specializes in finding the top 10 best of any category. How about the Top-11 Bizzare Dating Sites?

Matchmaking and the internet have been together since modems starting squeaking together back in the 80s. It was almost a match made in heaven. Lonely guys… lonely girls, with nothing to keep them warm at night except that little red “Power-On” light on the last remaining connection to the outside world — their computer.

We’ve evolved since then. There is something for everyone on the Weird Wide Web.

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