Weirdo Wednesday – May 4, 2011

Here we are in May and in the aftermath of Bin Laden’s demise it’s been a virtual weirdo-palooza. To give the walking around weirdos a rest for a few weeks, I am declaring May to be Weird Wide Web month; a total look at some of the weirdest sites the web has to offer. And trust me… they weren’t hard to find.

The first place we’ll look at is — a site dedicated to the meat hat wearing folks in society. I hope this is a fairly niche website.

Be sure you take a look at the users galleries and see if you possibly spot some of your meat wearing friends. I particularly liked the surf and turf headdress.

It seems like every candidate for weird website was a very niche site, with the exception of maybe

Take for instance, What’s even weird is since its inception people around the globe have actually submitted 6131 cats that look like Hitler.

The last stop on the world wide web today is a place called where they sell you a logo for $5, guaranteed to suck. The tag line on their website is — Drawing bad Logos for Beer Money Since 2010.

You have to admire the entrepreneurial spirit. I can tell you first hand with a quick look at their website. They do specialize in sucky logos.

Nest week we’ll look at a few more websites and I won’t have to go anywhere near the porn sites. There’s plenty of weirdness in the normal world.

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