Weirdo Wednesday – November 30, 2011

Weirdo WednesdayConsidering this is the last Wednesday of November and the week after Thanksgiving I decided to take a look at Weird things about Turkey.

(The bird, not the country)

Or in other words…. the Quirky Turkey.

  • Turkeys can drown if they look up when it’s raining
  • Turkeys generally spend the night in trees
  • The Wild Turkey was Ben Franklin’s choice for the National bird
  • There are approximately 5,500 feathers on a turkey
  • Loud explosions have been known to bring on heart attacks in turkeys
    (That explains Elmer Fudd saying… be vewy vewy qwy-yet)
  • A full grown turkey can fly 55 mph.
  • June is National Turkey Lover’s month.  (June???)
  • In the 1930s the Wild Turkey was almost extinct.
    (Their population today exceeds seven million)
  • The first “Presidential Pardon” came from Truman in 1947

Weird TurkeyTurkey Terms

Hen – a female turkey.

Poult – a baby turkey. A chick.

Tom – a male turkey. Also known as a gobbler.

Caruncle – brightly colored growths on the throat region. Turns bright red when the turkey is upset or during courtship.

Gizzard – a part of a bird’s stomach that contains tiny stones. It helps them grind up food for digestion.

Snood – the flap of skin that hangs over the turkey’s beak. Turns bright red when the turkey is upset or during courtship.

Wattle – the flap of skin under the turkey’s chin. Turns bright red when the turkey is upset or during courtship.

Scientific genus and species: Meleagris gallopavo

3 thoughts on “Weirdo Wednesday – November 30, 2011

  1. Deborah Winter-Blood

    An estimated 45 million of these marvelous creatures are massacred every year in the name of “giving thanks”. At Christmas, a slightly more modest figure of approximately 30 million are slaughtered in the name of “peace on earth, goodwill towards men”. What, we can’t be grateful, nor aspire toward peace and goodwill without wholesale destruction?

    *sigh* Guess not.

    I’m glad that I’m a vegetarian.

  2. Doc

    Love it. Are you really a fount of such irrelevant knowledge? Or did you look up every single fact? Ah, who cares. I loved it.

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