Weirdo Wednesday – October 19, 2011

Weirdo WednesdayCrime fighting in America is a contact sport. Sometimes you come in contact with a bona fide weirdo.

Meet Petosky, Michigan’s Mark Wayne Williams, aka… Batman.

Holy run-afoul-of-the-law, Batman. When can a mild-mannered Superhero get a break?

The mask is to protect Batman's secret identify

It certainly wasn’t on May 11th when Batman’s alter ego, Mark Wayne Williams was discovered by local and state police, “dressed in a Batman costume, hanging off the western wall of the building.”

Williams was removed from his high perch (possibly were he was waiting for the bat signal from Commissioner Gordon) by police and searched thoroughly. He was found to be in possession of all kinds of instruments of crime-fighting commonly used by superheros.

Williams carried a baton type weapon, a can of chemical irritant spray and sand filled gloves. It is not known if these accessories were stored in the utility belt.

Meanwhile…. Back at the Batcave.

Holy plea bargain, your honor!

The caped crusader is forced into retirement. Williams is sentenced to probation and instructed to stop his crime-fighting ways. (I suspect Petosky Police just doesn’t like the competition.)

So for this week’s weirdo, I give you …. The Batman!

“Wait’ll they get a load of me!”
– The Joker

2 thoughts on “Weirdo Wednesday – October 19, 2011

  1. schulzey

    I would’ve thought the torture and elimination of one of Batman’s “helpers” in THE DARK KNIGHT was enough to keep idiots from venturing down that path without billions of dollars of military tech backing them up. Then again, an idiot is as an idiot does and if it wasn’t one thing, it probably would’ve been another.

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