Worst Super Bowl Ads

With Super Bowl Sunday only a few days away, it occurs to me that people watch the big game for one of three reasons – Football, Halftime, or the Commercials. Let’s take a moment to focus on the latter.

Corporate American shells out great big bucks for television time, this year estimated to cost around three million for a 30 second spot. The brightest, most creative minds in advertising, create, design, and direct these television moments, hoping with every prayer their ad will be the one everyone is talking about come Monday morning when the arm chair quarterbacking begins.

If you are a corporation buying these ads, you are gambling the firm you have chosen to run the campaign will put together a spot that resonates with consumers and not only informs, but entertains, even entice the viewer into a “Must have” mindset. I can think back and remember some of my favorites. There was the big McDonald’s showdown between Larry Bird and Michael Jordan – a spectacular game of Horse, if I remember right. There was also, “Thanks, Mean Joe,” three frogs croaking “Bud…Wise…Er,” and the Clydesdale’s taking a knee at Ground Zero. Think back to some of your favorites?

For every good commercial, there were a dozen flops, forgettable moments of TV that gave you enough time for a beer run or potty break. It’s those I present today. Advertising Age Magazine is running a poll at their site for the worst Super Bowl Ads of all time. There are 14 in their poll. I’m picking my worst three.

Super Bowl XL (2006) Bud Light: Sleigh ride (aka Farting Horse)


Super Bowl XXXI (1997) Holiday Inn: Sex Change


Any of the “Bud Bowls” (This one is BB4)

“Terry Bradshaw couldn’t spell ‘cat’ if you spotted him the ‘C’ and the ‘A.'” ~Thomas “Hollywood” Henderson, Dallas Cowboys linebacker (Super Bowl XIII)

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